Personal Planning and Wealth Management

Personal Planning

People work hard over their lifetime raising families, buying homes, paying for education, saving for retirement and hopefully investing some of what’s left over. I am here to help you develop a well thought out plan around all that.

I can help you identify safety net and contingency planning strategies designed to help you and your family work towards a financially secure future. We can work together to develop and manage a strategy designed to reach your financial and retirement goals.

Wealth Management

I believe having a comprehensive financial plan in place is important to the specific decisions you will make regarding investing and creating wealth. My experience and resources allow me to offer a broad array of investment ideas and solutions to my clients. Making recommendations that are suitable and in your best interest is always my highest priority.  

Planning for Business Owners

Comprehensive planning for business owners requires the integration of personal and business strategies. Additional planning considerations for businesses include but are not limited to Loss of Key Employees, Disability, Buy/Sell Strategies, Business Succession and Estate Planning.  

Additional complexity is added with multi-generational family businesses. Elderly parents, and or children with current or future ownership are just a few examples that require creative succession strategies that enable business ownership to successfully pass from one generation to the next.  

I welcome the opportunity to meet you and learn about you and your family. If you own a business, don’t hesitate to contact me to schedule a time to meet or to discuss specific questions you may have.