401(k) and Qualified Retirement Plans

My experience with qualified plans started in 1983. Since then my team and I have helped many businesses establish and manage retirement plans. As a business owner, being able to offer a retirement plan can be critical to attracting and retaining employees. In addition, 401(k) plans offer employees tax-advantaged opportunities to save and create financial independence for retirement.

Many businesses take advantage of 401(k) plan profit sharing as a discretionary year end strategy to manage tax liability. These contributions are allocated to employee accounts and provide the opportunity for businesses to share profitability and success with employees on a tax advantaged basis. A plan vesting schedule requires employees to meet minimum services requirements to take contributions should they terminate employment. 

Qualified retirement plans are complex.  A professional with specialized experience can help you work through some of the intricacies.  We can help you understand retirement plans, design a plan around your needs, and work to help manage your fiduciary responsibilities and plan compliance.

The success of a 401(k) plan is also tied to employee participation and its effectiveness helping employees save for retirement. Strategies and resources for employee education, easy to use technology and a dedicated service team are critical for successful employee participation.               

If your business already has a qualified plan, we welcome the opportunity to review your plan. Using a data driven approach, we will give you feedback in the following key areas.

  • Maximizing Plan Design Features
  • Fee Benchmarking
  • Fiduciary Review
  • RFP & Vendor Review (using fi360)*
  • Employee Education
  • Investment Monitoring & Fee Evaluation



*FI360 is not affiliated with any company of Principal Financial Group®.  FI360 offer services separate from Principal.